farm holidays Ireland

Holiday on a working farm

Enjoy a reinvigorating nature walk through Allendale’s working farm with the farmer. Enjoy feeding our cattle and walking through our green grass fields. Visit our local cattle and sheep mart which has livestock sales on three days per week.
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Beef Farming in Leitrim

Here you will see some of the present farming practices of a typical small farm in Leitrim (and you will probably get something to do), where the end product is the one-year-old beef animal for sale.The calves are bred here, and born on the farm mostly in Springtime and are reared naturally by suckling. They are weaned off their mothers at 8 to 9 months and then fed a suitable ration along with silage or grass before being sold as yearlings.The cows are fed continuously on grass when outside and housed over the wintry/wet season when they eat silage indoors until they can be turned out to grass again with their new calves. That sounds very simple but a lot of animal husbandry takes place in between.

Allendale Herd
Allendale Herd

Traditional Farming Methods

The farmer will tell you more on a visit to the farm………Some old artefacts and farm implements are also on view. Examples: Quern stone c. 1750, Table Churn c. 1940, Steveen c.1930, Single Horse Mower c.1920 etc.

Glenview Folk Museum

If you would like to see a full display of antique agricultural machines and implements visit Kennedy’s Glenview Folk Museum 0876971901 only 14 Km where 7,000 items are on view.